Life throws us curve balls- work piles up on Monday, and we count down the hours until our Friday. It seems as though no matter how hard we try, we don’t get enough work done during the week and not enough rest on the weekends.

Sometimes, it's just an escape or break from reality that we need- a break that doesn’t have to come from a vacation, but as simple as an escape through a good storyline. A movie night may be just what the doctor ordered, and I mean, hey- who isn’t okay with a little excuse to pop some popcorn and pop in a new blockbuster movie or old classic with some of your favorite people.

Hosting a movie night is as easy as it sounds- it is basically organizing and scheduling a time to kick up your feet and watch a movie with friends; It's basically scheduled “relax time”. First things first- send out a group text to invite your and your partner’s favorite couple friends, or maybe just a few close friends that you know could use a relaxing night away. Second, pick the movie. Whether you stop by red box for an inexpensive blue ray version of Star Trek or you grab one of your favorite comedies because you know everyone could use a good laugh, just pick something so everyone has time to get excited about it. Third, always necessary and never an option, grab your snacks. Snacks give everyone the allusion they are actually at the movies and makes it seem like an event. So, pop the popcorn, get out the candies, and heat up the cheese for the nachos- it's going to be a great night! If you are a bit overwhelmed by this step, it is never tacky to have everyone bring a different snack option to keep things more low key. Finally, set it up! Make your space comfortable for all your guests. Grab the pillows and throw blankets, fluff up your couch, and light a few candles. Everyone is going to want to dive right in once they arrive. The point of a movie night is to relax and there is no need to wait.

Now that you have an idea of how the process goes with hosting your own movie night, let's go over some helpful details. For example, let's say you are having a tough time picking a movie for your crowd- think about what your friends like or what you think they need. If your favorite couple of friends have kids and always complain they only see kids movies, make sure to grab a drama or some other movie you know they normally miss out on. Or maybe you know a few of your friends have been going through a lot lately, or maybe it's you who has. Grab a light-hearted comedy! It will be a nice little escape from reality for everybody.

We guarantee once the movie is over, and people are getting their stuff to leave, they will be asking when the next movie night will be. The great thing about planning a movie night is that it starts off as something you thought YOU needed, but in reality you all needed it. It’s all about the little things in life, like popping popcorn and eating too much candy while enjoying the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Enjoy!