Everyone loves to eat popcorn at all times of the day, night, and anytime in between, and with any occasion. The one decision they have trouble making is whether they should buy and make microwave popcorn, or whether they should buy natural bagged kernel corn and pop it themselves on the stove.

The one thing they don’t consider is the fact that bagged kernel corn can be popped in the microwave just as store bought microwave popcorn can, and it not only comes out better most times, but it is also healthier too because you  control how much salt and other toppings are applied.

Store Bought Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn has its benefits, of course. Not only is it simple to make, but it is relatively inexpensive depending on where you buy it. However, if you prefer real quality popcorn even from the microwave, then depending on what brand you purchase, you can spend up to $3 for a single bag.

One advantage of microwave popcorn is that it pops relatively quickly and usually within three or four minutes. On the other hand, again depending on the brand, the number of kernels may be low, and they may not all pop, leaving most of your hard earned money inedible since you’re not supposed to re-pop unpopped kernels.

Store Bought Kernel Corn for Stovetop Popping  

The bagged kernel corn that you purchase on a store shelf has a number of advantages over Microwave popcorn. The first advantage is the price. Kernel popcorn in a bag costs typically a few pennies an ounce, and buyers can often purchase the bags for $1 to $2 for a pound.

Compare that price to the $3 or $4 for a half an ounce of kernels that come in a microwave popcorn bag. Another distinct advantage is that you control the toppings including the salt content, flavorings, and type of oil to use when popping the corn, or whether to use any oil at all, using an air popper instead. Overall this type of popcorn is a much healthier alternative.

Now, if you like the convenience of Microwave popcorn but don’t like the price or the unhealthy side to it, then you have another option. Instead of popping the bag kernel corn on the stove, you could put a tablespoon of kernels in a  paper bag, add some butter, and salt to taste, and put it in the microwave for a few minutes, just as you  would microwave popcorn bought in the individual wrapped packs. This results in your own flavorings and a much healthier popped corn with the same convenience as microwave popcorn and for much cheaper.