This week, we thought we would take a break from the usual posts to bring you this interesting news article about a man who s being held for throwing popcorn.

Though popcorn is usually an innocent food idem, most people would not think about popcorn as a security threat – certainly not a  national threat serious enough that it would invoke an evacuation of the schools and surrounding residents. However, in the case of Christopher J. Wentworth vs. Rochester, that is exactly what the local Rochester police would have residents believe, according to these reports.

In fact, the Rochester Police arrested Wentworth, jailing him without bail – they charged him with multiple counts of assault and criminal threatening for hitting one person with a “club like object” and hitting another with a bag of popcorn.

Verbal Argument Leads to Popcorn Throwing

According to the police report, Wentworth got into an argument with an other man while both were in a parking lot. While arguing, the accused allegedly brandished a two foot long wooden club object and hit the man in the chest, and again in the legs when the alleged victim tried to escape by getting into his car.

Next, Wentworth allegedly threatened a second man with the club object when the man was attempting to unload a truck of its goods. Instead of hitting this second alleged victim with the club, Wentworth threw a bag of popcorn at him, according to police.

Afterwards, Wentworth allegedly saw two other men putting away groceries in their trunk when Wentworth approached them while swinging the same wooden club object. One of the two alleged victims backed away and fell, got up went to his truck and pulled a handgun on Wentworth, the police report states, though Wentworth did not stop from swinging the club or approaching the alleged victim.


A fourth person apparently chased Wentworth and in response he barricaded himself in a tire store across the street from the parking lot in which these alleged attacks happened.


Tire store employees made Wentworth leave the store, which resulted in his seeing the fourth alleged victim a second time and, according to police, this was when Wentworth again attempted to hit the man with the club, though he was unsuccessful. That was then that the police report states the police arrived to arrest Wentworth and, according to the rperot, charged him with:

“Four counts of felony level second-degree assault; three counts of felony level criminal threatening; and one count of misdemeanor-level simple assault.”  


OK, so maybe the man deserves the assault and criminal threatening charges for hitting someone with a wooden club object, but adding another assault charge because he hit a man with a bag of popcorn doesn’t make sense.


That would be like a teacher having a student arrested and charged with assault because the student hit the teacher with a paper plane. Speaking of students, a nearby school initiated a full lockdown according to the school’s security plans, though it ended only a short time later.


Who knew popcorn could cause such a disturbance?Do you think an extra charge should have been added?